Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look Who's Back.....

Back again. Did ya miss me? Are you ready for a right smart bit of fun? Want to know what the hell I've been doing the last month? What has TNSC been up to? When will the t-shirts and glasses come out? Do I look like the answer man? What's with all these questions?

Well, wait no more children of the corn, here is little something to get your day started.

First up from the UJ's Hopfest is two fine ladies. One is sometimes bitter and the other likes to drinks really bitter beer. You pick em out.

Next up is the last known picture of Father Tom with a cigarette in his hand. He's a cold turkey kind of guy now. Should wooden Indians smoke?

Last and most certainly not least, is a group,
drinkers is the most polite way of saying it, showing up at the same said event with some very special bottles cause all those hop bombs make them really thirsty.

Ah yes, catch up sure is fun. Stayed tuned for more catching up right here, cause where would you be without me?

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