Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whada Ya Think?

     Here she be, the somewhat updated look of the TLBL. There is always some other things I want to do, like add a picture to the name of the blog, but I'm picky, so I will put that on the back burner for now. All the links that you love so much, are on the top now. Just click on one of them and voila, they all appear! It's like f-ing magic or something. Now that this major headache is done and can get back and finish my other posts before 2012 hits.....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crazy Eights

     The beer geekery was out in full force this last Saturday, as the fine folks at TJ's,  put on one hell of a show for their eight's anniversary. To say it was a packed house, is akin to saying there are a few sardines in a can.
     Myself and my lovely date, Ms. What Am I Going To Drink, They Are All Big Beers, Oh This Taste Good, stopped in at the Mile Post Pub first for an early lunch and some much needed groceries, like Gaverhope and Tired Hands IPA and some food whatyoumaycallit. While I was there drinking some water and a Saint Somewhere, I also ran into the wonderful Mr. Dan Conway of Left Hand Brewing who was doing a tasting that day. So, after buying some food, and sneaking a sample of the Left Hand Porter, we loaded up the car and the coolers and made our way to TJ's. I gave the geekery a four hour head start, so in the hope that I might be able to grab a seat somewhere when I arrived. We got the last parking spot in the the lot and ran into the esteemed Mr. Miller outside as the Dia Doce cupcake giveaway was going on. You may twist my arm for a carrot cake cupcake kind sir and my taste buds thank you for it. By getting there so late I may have a missed a few things , but the number one thing I come for every year is the Russian River Temptation. It is so yummy and bretty in my mouth and belly. And it also helps to have some vittles in there when I drink one to slow down the erosion of my stomach lining. A quick jump to Allagash Confluence made me quite happy and content and now I could focus on moving around the place a bit.
     Several fine drunks had a table near the water station and jukebox, so I did what every fine person would do in my position, I wormed my way in and got a seat. Hells, bells, I needed a sampler and I need to sit down to drink it. Why you ask? Cause it was one evil muther of a sampler. Avery The Beast, Lost Abby Bourbon Angel's Share and La Rulles La Grande 10. Holy moly Batman! Please give me a 75 Minute from the firkin to help wash the evilness down with. Trust me kids, do not try this on your own. Only a trained professional amateur like myself can handled something like this, I think. A bite to eat and a couple of small beers, including a couple of samples from the jeroboam of Allagash Triple that got open courtesy of the fine T and J got me feeling all warm inside.
     Speaking of warm, the little speech that they gave before they popped the cork on the Allagash was as true as it gets. They thanked not only all the staff, but all the customers. And they proved that by giving away glassware, beer, cupcakes and some food during the day. That is what I like to say, talking the talk and walking the walk. Thank you.