Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Ticket A Tasket, My Delivery Basket

     Yesterday was day one of the delivery of tickets and posters to my fine friends in the beer biz. My day started off with my semi usual trip to the Phoenixville Farmers Market to buy some lovely fruit goodies such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and a couple of peaches. They also had a hummus stand from Lancaster area called Freshapeel Hummus. I got the chipotle lime flavor and a sampler taste later at home (half the container) confirmed to me that this was some damn tasty stuff. Just start making it in 5 gallon sized tubs and call it a day. Oh wait, they do. Maybe they need a trip to a beer fest....

     After the stuffing of the envelopes, I grabbed the posters and headed to the first stop of the day, Ye Olde Craft Ale House. It was there where I met my co pilot for the day, no not God, just my friend Dunny. We refrained from beer just this one time as we had some type of schedule to keep. Next stop was Capone's in East Norrition where we ran into several troublemakers from Victory, TNSC members and future baby daddy. One quick Blind Pig, which by the way really didn't taste all that piggly and we were on the road to Tj's. Jeff wasn't there because he was out with his high priced other girl, but the lovely T was there to help us out. We snuck in a couple of beers and a bite to eat and then hit the road to Union Jacks. One beer inside with some fine folks I haven't seen in awhile from the old Northside days. And one beer at outside bar to wake up from all the AC and lack of sleep I had from the night before. It was then back to the CAH for one last beer and a small bite before I drove my sorry tired ass home to relax and watch the the movie The Town and the Phillie's whoop on the Pirates.

Today I will make my way to the Drafting Room and Sly Fox Phoenixville for ticket day part two. It will not be as long as yesterday, that's for sure. The real world is calling me and I don't mean the tv series.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


    Last night Ms. De Miel and myself took a long awaited trip to the Railroad Street Bar in Linfield. I blame laziness and brokenness most of all, for waiting this long to get there. So I twisted her arm a bit and we went over. When you or your beer geeky friends first arrive and sees the tap handles, I can see visions of geeks running and screaming out of the bar. Why, you ask? All, if not most of the handles are of beers that make up some of the "nasty dozen" That my friend is a trick. Because behind the bar is a listing for each tap. Milwaukee's Best could be Coronado IPA. Schlitz could be a dobbelbock and so on. They also might have the only cooler in the area with a nice looking Russian River sign on it. There is quite a nice selection of bottles and the ones that were going downstairs to the basement were not of the cheap variety. The food is not too damn shabby either. I elected to have one of the dozen or so grilled cheese sandwiches which consisted of pepper jack and hot pepper spread, while the polish princess  took on a Carolina grilled cheese which had pulled pork on it. They have a good mix of food stuff from the same old things to wild game and lobster rolls. In other words, you can please a lot of people. The crowd is a mix of locals to golfers to, well me and various TNSC members. The service was fine and it looks like the most of the staff is eager to learn about all the new beers that keep coming in.

They may be new at this beer thing , but so far so good.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Logo Building Blocks

Here is the logo for the beer festival from the fine folks at Virtual Farms. Might make a nice hat or t shirt don't you think?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

    When I start quoting the Dead, you know the heat has finally gotten to me. It was almost this time last year when I began the quest of trying to put together my first big beer festival. And I am quite sure that I have teased you more than any french tickler in the world could have. There were a few ups,  but unfortunately there was a couple of big giant downs. It looked like all hope was lost and I was destined to be stuck in the corner with a beer dunce cap for the rest of the year.
     Well, I threw my cap on the floor and busted out of that little corner of the room. I went and put my Smiths and Cure records away and stopped staring at my shoes. (Bonus points for that musical reference) This time it's for real. No turning back. Not sleet, rain, hail, snow or the Kepler Mountain volcano erupting will stop me now!


Damn, that's a lot of caps, but it had to be done. Now before all the threads start about what brewer is bringing what and what food will really be there and is the price too high cause I am making thousands of dollars off you suckers, let me pull a Richard Millhouse Nixon on ya. Let me make this perfectly clear, I will not make one cent off this fest. All proceeds AFTER we pay all the vendors goes to the Sunnybrook Foundation to continue fixing up the property. Booya!

I guess the next question out of your mouths is, information please Mr. Dan. You may always check in here for some fine info, but the place you need to go is Beersgiving. Now she is a pretty rough looking blog right  now, but that soon will change in a big, big way. You got my word on that.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Taking Out The Trash

On a warm June evening in the beautiful rolling countryside of Chester County, a picnic of sorts was beginning to take place at one of the regions most esoteric beer places, Parkerford Brewing Company. It was not your usual picnic food or beer, or for a even bigger matter, nice attire type of affair. It was in the eyes of many, rotten, disgusting, vile, slanderous and that's just the good parts.

Buck Spuckly toting some new kind of power

  Yes kids, it was the third annual Trailer Trash Party and I can say, from what little I can remember, that it was a nascar driving, pork eating, beer drinking good ole time. Food from our long, long ago childhoods brought back to life with all the care of a mother on anti depressants. More spam than I knew ever existed. More exposed tattooed breasts than Frank Purdue ever saw at his chicken farm.

Kissing cousins

I think Ms. Vickie was trying on her tree hat at the time.

You can't eat it or wipe your feet on it. It's art
 A good time was had by all, though I am quite sure our bodies might have had a little different take on things in the morning.