Thursday, July 28, 2011


    Last night Ms. De Miel and myself took a long awaited trip to the Railroad Street Bar in Linfield. I blame laziness and brokenness most of all, for waiting this long to get there. So I twisted her arm a bit and we went over. When you or your beer geeky friends first arrive and sees the tap handles, I can see visions of geeks running and screaming out of the bar. Why, you ask? All, if not most of the handles are of beers that make up some of the "nasty dozen" That my friend is a trick. Because behind the bar is a listing for each tap. Milwaukee's Best could be Coronado IPA. Schlitz could be a dobbelbock and so on. They also might have the only cooler in the area with a nice looking Russian River sign on it. There is quite a nice selection of bottles and the ones that were going downstairs to the basement were not of the cheap variety. The food is not too damn shabby either. I elected to have one of the dozen or so grilled cheese sandwiches which consisted of pepper jack and hot pepper spread, while the polish princess  took on a Carolina grilled cheese which had pulled pork on it. They have a good mix of food stuff from the same old things to wild game and lobster rolls. In other words, you can please a lot of people. The crowd is a mix of locals to golfers to, well me and various TNSC members. The service was fine and it looks like the most of the staff is eager to learn about all the new beers that keep coming in.

They may be new at this beer thing , but so far so good.

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