Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Your Birthday And You Can Relax If You Want Too

A very Happy Birthday to Mr. Lew. I will not divulge his age here, however I heard a rumour, that he may have a new blog going soon at this wonderful site. Or not. This picture is from a lovely party at his humble home from a couple of years ago. Wasn't there an old proverb about journalists who lay down with dogs?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Are You Down With SBP?

Just about two years ago, I contacted a young journalist who was pushing a radical idea. Session beer was his name and session drinking was his game. So I bit hard and talked the fine folks at Ortino's into a couple of events. The food at the two dinners was great as always, but the attendance wasn't that great. Then came the big cheese, my baby, The Session Summer Of Love. Lots of buzz from near and far. The brewers were pumped to prove that they could make a session beer worthy of a beer geeks passion. A right smart crowd turned up on a Friday for firkin night and a not too shabby crowd was there for a hot Saturday afternoon on Memorial Day weekend. But alas, nobody wanted to continue what I saw, as well as others saw, as a right smart event. Now maybe it will all come down to 2009 as the year of Session Fest. The question is, will I raise that banner somewhere else before Kennett? Or will Kennett kick off a fine fall season of session beers? Only the beer gods know for sure.