Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Railroad Evolution Update

     Don't even get me started. If you don't know by now, how lazy and disorganized I can get at times, well, you don't know me. There has been a few things on my plate since the last time we chatted, but this last week has been a royal pain in the....  It started off with a last minute trip to the Doctor's last Friday and I ended up with my once every 10 year bottle of antibiotics . There goes Mr. Drinking, cause the last time I tried that, I turned several different shades of color down at Dogfish. This Tuesday morning I decided to jump up and run up the stairs from a basement to shut off some water that we were working on. Opening of stairs 6 feet. My big head, 6 and a half feet. Winner by a knockout, the 2x6 in the opening. In the background I could hear Howard Cosell screaming "Down goes Bengel!"  The next 12 hours I spent in my lazy boy with bags of ice on top of my swollen head. Ah yeah, living the dream.
     But enough of that sob story, let's start a fun one, shall we? This Saturday at the Railroad Street Bar is one fine event you beer geeks don't want to miss. Evolution is making their big splash locally with a tap takeover. The Railroad is going to match these beers up with some of their famous grilled cheese sandwiches. Hence the name of the event "The Evolution Of The Grilled Cheese" The question is, how am I going to pull this off? Sampler only and pray it's still on Thanksgiving Eve looks like the best bet. It is also the chance to meet Evolution new sales rep, Megan Moore. She is promising a hell of a lot of goodies, like;

Menagerie 8
Wandering Monk
Firkin of Holy Mole
Lot 3 IPA
Lot 6 DIPA
Primal Pale Ale
Exile ESB
Secret Spot Winter Ale
Spring Migration
Jacques Au Lantern

     Now in case you don't know by now (Pt2) I am a big fan of these guys. I have gone as far and said they are the Baby Odells of the East. Nice solid lineup of regulars and one hell of a nice touch with the barrel stuff. So, when you see me at the bar slowing crying into my beer sampler, you'll know why.

P.S. Any updates on taps and sandwiches to be posted as soon as they come in

Start time is 12 o'clock and Lucky 7 Porter wasn't ready from the brewery along with Rise Up Stout. Secret Spot Winter will take their place.