Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Can't Drive Like I'm 55

     It's time to begin the 30th anniversary of turning 25. For those of you that skipped math class for those 12 long years in high school, that means I'm turning 55 or I as like to call it, fifty fucking five. Now I know if I said it once,  I've said it a thousand times, but it sure beats the alternative, an eternal dirt nap. So, with all that being said, I am pleased to announce the beginning of Bengel Beer Week. Or BBW for short. What does that mean for you, the beer geek, the average craft beer consumer, the bloggers and young attractive women with deep ties to breweries around the world? Absolutely nothing! But I did get your attention, if only for a moment or two. Besides, I a have a double date scheduled for next week on my birthday anyway with Kacie McDonnell from Fox 29 and Sheena Parveen from Channel 10. Cause I like my traffic and the weather on the fives. I'll be here all week ladies and germs. Seriously folks, it is always nice when everybody in the biz  schedules beer events for me. It's a lot less work for me, and I am all about that at birthday time, and hell,  for most times after that too. Just take a quick look of what be happening.

Last night a trip to Whole Foods in Devon for some much needed food and a Duclaw Black Lightening and a taste of PBC Blackzinger. Tonight a trip to ye olde CAH,  Friday a trip to Bistro on the Bridge for a Neshaminy Creek tap takeover. Sunday the granddaddy of them all, the goat races at Sly Fox or the beer and pee races, you make the call, then an late afternoon trip to Union Jacks for a Smuttynose event  Yep, it looking like one fine old time in the beer city and the weather couldn't be more perfect. But what about my birthday on Wednesday? What should I do, what should I do? Go to the city? Go to the suburbs? Go to someplace new or someplace old? Decisions, decisions...
Crapola, I was misled, yeah, that's it. It looks like a doubleheader of fun on Sunday

Monday, April 22, 2013

Lazy Is As Lazy Does

     I have come to the conclusion that I don't blog much. I know this may come as a complete shock to most of you, but it's true. I do that Facebook and Twitter thingamajig enough, okay, sometimes, but blogging with real fancy words and such, well, it just ain't happening much anymore. By the time I come up with an idea about a story I want to write, it is so far in the past, I end up scrapping it.. But enough about me, and more about me. It's spring cleaning here at TLBL. Time to get all the links fixed and update all the others. Out with the old and in with older, I mean new. Yeah new, that's the ticket.

                                                         Coming up next on TLBL,
Is 55 the new 70?
Does heaven really have no beer, that's why you must drink it here?
Do goats dream of lamb chops?
If someone buys you a beer and you say thanks and they say no problem, should you keep asking for more beer until it becomes one?

And now I leave you with a long lost picture of Beauty and the Beer Beast from Railroad's Evolution Night. Thanks Mr. Roberts for taking this. P.S. If she has to take pictures with the likes of me, I sure hope she gets paid really, really well.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bow Wow Wow, Yippee Yo Yippee Yay

                                                                         "Sick as a dog"

     I take great pride in not getting as sick as much as everybody else does out there in beer land. When I even think I'm getting a scratchy throat,  I got my Zinc lozenges on standby along with my Vitamin C. But this year,  something was different. It felt like I had something for a long time, but it was just chilling out, waiting for the right moment to strike. It found it. After another long and grueling holiday season, which taxed my very soul, I awoke on January 2 feeling quite good. It was a fucking trap. That night I went to bed and awoke in the middle of the night with the chills and fever. Morning came and my head felt like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. But overall, still kicking it, so I thought,  I'll be a good boy and stay home from TNSC so I can finish beating this. And after a normal night, I thought I had the upper hand. That is till Friday night where I sweated more than most people do in a sauna. On the surface of the sun. In a month. It's kinda hard to get a good nights sleep when you feel like you're in a waterbed that has sprung several leaks. And the crazy thing is, I was lucky, a lot more lucky than some of the horror stories I heard and read about. (Thanks Probiotics!!) The worse of all was even more crazy. An occasional cough that was coming from the lowest depths possible in the human body. The result? It blew out lower back out and left me crawling around on the floor. Hence my post on Facebook about beating myself up.

     The chills and fever are long gone and Mr. Chiropractor is helping me get on the right track. Just a matter of getting my strength back more than anything. You want keep some resolutions that you always don't keep? Just get the flu, no beer since the 31st .

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Breakfast Of Champions

     In my world, there are two kinds of people, those who eat breakfast and the sorry sacks who don't. Now,  I can already hear the screams all the way up here on top of old Kepler Mountain. "But I don't have time for breakfast, I got to go to work" Well stop the presses!!! Get that Action News Van here stat! People have to get up and  go to work in the morning? Where is the damn liberal media for a story like this?
     Yes boys and girls, believe it or not, at several times in my life, I had to work for the man (or woman) and punch the clock. I first punched the one by my bed and then later I would punch the one at work. It sucked. No, really it did. I wouldn't lie to you. But I still managed to get my lazy, sometimes drunken ass out of bed and make myself some breakfast. And by breakfast, I don't mean some nasty ass microwave sandwiches or just as nasty fast food crap. Real food baby, pancakes, waffles, eggs etc. Stuff to make your body go yum. Well tomorrow you can make your body go yum along with your friendly liver, when my good friend Mr. Sunflower himself, cooks a beer breakfast at the Sly Fox in Phoenixville in honor of their 17th Anniversary. To say it will be one of the best breakfast's you will ever eat would be an understatement. That you get the chance to add Sly Fox beer to it, priceless.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Railroad Evolution Update

     Don't even get me started. If you don't know by now, how lazy and disorganized I can get at times, well, you don't know me. There has been a few things on my plate since the last time we chatted, but this last week has been a royal pain in the....  It started off with a last minute trip to the Doctor's last Friday and I ended up with my once every 10 year bottle of antibiotics . There goes Mr. Drinking, cause the last time I tried that, I turned several different shades of color down at Dogfish. This Tuesday morning I decided to jump up and run up the stairs from a basement to shut off some water that we were working on. Opening of stairs 6 feet. My big head, 6 and a half feet. Winner by a knockout, the 2x6 in the opening. In the background I could hear Howard Cosell screaming "Down goes Bengel!"  The next 12 hours I spent in my lazy boy with bags of ice on top of my swollen head. Ah yeah, living the dream.
     But enough of that sob story, let's start a fun one, shall we? This Saturday at the Railroad Street Bar is one fine event you beer geeks don't want to miss. Evolution is making their big splash locally with a tap takeover. The Railroad is going to match these beers up with some of their famous grilled cheese sandwiches. Hence the name of the event "The Evolution Of The Grilled Cheese" The question is, how am I going to pull this off? Sampler only and pray it's still on Thanksgiving Eve looks like the best bet. It is also the chance to meet Evolution new sales rep, Megan Moore. She is promising a hell of a lot of goodies, like;

Menagerie 8
Wandering Monk
Firkin of Holy Mole
Lot 3 IPA
Lot 6 DIPA
Primal Pale Ale
Exile ESB
Secret Spot Winter Ale
Spring Migration
Jacques Au Lantern

     Now in case you don't know by now (Pt2) I am a big fan of these guys. I have gone as far and said they are the Baby Odells of the East. Nice solid lineup of regulars and one hell of a nice touch with the barrel stuff. So, when you see me at the bar slowing crying into my beer sampler, you'll know why.

P.S. Any updates on taps and sandwiches to be posted as soon as they come in

Start time is 12 o'clock and Lucky 7 Porter wasn't ready from the brewery along with Rise Up Stout. Secret Spot Winter will take their place.