Monday, July 11, 2011

Taking Out The Trash

On a warm June evening in the beautiful rolling countryside of Chester County, a picnic of sorts was beginning to take place at one of the regions most esoteric beer places, Parkerford Brewing Company. It was not your usual picnic food or beer, or for a even bigger matter, nice attire type of affair. It was in the eyes of many, rotten, disgusting, vile, slanderous and that's just the good parts.

Buck Spuckly toting some new kind of power

  Yes kids, it was the third annual Trailer Trash Party and I can say, from what little I can remember, that it was a nascar driving, pork eating, beer drinking good ole time. Food from our long, long ago childhoods brought back to life with all the care of a mother on anti depressants. More spam than I knew ever existed. More exposed tattooed breasts than Frank Purdue ever saw at his chicken farm.

Kissing cousins

I think Ms. Vickie was trying on her tree hat at the time.

You can't eat it or wipe your feet on it. It's art
 A good time was had by all, though I am quite sure our bodies might have had a little different take on things in the morning.

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