Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And Now A Message From Our Sponsor

When Joe Sixpack's guerrilla marketing machine sent out the news a few days ago about this fine event coming up, I felt almost special, like I was one of those fancy schancy boys and girls in the beer biz. But when my free press pass didn't show up, well, I knew I was just a messenger or a drinker, whatever comes first.

Anywho, all kidding aside, it looks like to be a lovely day in the No Lib section of town. Mr. Russel has talked to the weather man and asked for sunny skies and it looks like he just might get it. But inquiring minds want to know a little bit more about this event. Let's try and break it down, shall we?

First is the cost, $75 smack-a-roos, which goes to the Firstpersonarts program. Sounds good, so far.

It is all inclusive (Scandals is in No Libs?) Good too.

Joe Sixpack is talking and walking, not bad, though it would be more fun if he showed up on a bike and people had to chase him to all the said places.

Last and most certainly not least is...what do you get for that $75 bucks?
I know beer and some munchies for sure, and of course the satisfaction of helping out the arts.

So Joe, what else do you know about this last piece of business? Will the fine people of the great city of brotherly love feel like they got a good return on their hard earned money?

Daily inquiring minds need to know.


First Person Arts said...

I'm glad Joe's guerilla marketing machine did its job.

Seriously, though, beyond plenty of booze and food at some really great places, your ticket supports First Person Arts' programming AND gets you a nice tax deduction. So, when you think about it, you're almost getting paid by Uncle Sam to drink beer with Joe Sixpack.

If anyone has any questions, they can call 267.402.2055 or visit

Dan Bengel said...

I thank you kindly for that info.
Drinking with Joe, hey Uncle Sam is buying! Much good luck this Sat.