Thursday, June 4, 2009

Twas The Days Around My Birthday

Birthdays sure are fun till some smart ass reminds you of how old you are, as if I didn't know that first hand already. If I had half a mind...I guess I would have double what I got now. Anywho the Thursday the 7th was spent at our lovely little local place, The Craft Ale House. This was strictly a practice session for the big day on Friday. I think I saw a few folks pull a hamy from practicing too hard.
Friday brought us all to those old stomping ground of Zieglerville, The Northside. The wonderful Ms. Sara with a h was working her voodoo, I mean magic with a right smart busy bar and dining room. The outside bar was suppose to be open by now, but it was delayed another week, cause she said so. Things got ugly later on as they usually do, as more bottles that even the night before appeared upon the bar. As the Sarge said in Stripes, "I'm getting too old for this shit".
Saturday was a recovery day and also a partial work day. Sunday brought the four of us some free Phillies tickets in the Bob Uecker sections of CBP. The winds that Mothers Day were clocked at 100 miles per hour and was coming out of the northwestern part of the North Pole. We of course were sitting in the shade hoping we wouldn't get killed by a flying straw or french fry. To say we were getting cold would be a slight misunderstanding of the color blue. Lucky for us, we saw that some of our in-laws had seats in the glorious sun at the same game. So we marched down there and threw them out on their keisters and slowly thawed out.
Monday night the 11th brought the famed Monday Night Tasting group to the CAH. (As seen in this picture above.) Criminally amounts of beer were brought and tasted along with some homemade hooch from a former Allagash brewer that Mr. Bob got from a recent trip to Maine. I, using what brains cells I had left, ran to my car after we were done the tasting. I knew what evil could lurk if I stayed any longer.
Another year down and 49 more to go. Thanks folks for making this a pretty good one.

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FirstPersonArts said...

Hi Dan,

I see you're already committed to an event on June 13th, but I was hoping you might help us get the word out about our event the same day. First Person Arts is running a tour of some of the best Beer Bars in the Northern Liberties neighborhood. Standard Tap, 700 Club, the new Swift Half are all on the list of places, and Joe Sixpack is leading it. It's a fundraiser for First Person Arts, but it's really not that expensive and promises to be a lot of fun: for a map and more info. Your help would be greatly appreciated!