Thursday, June 25, 2009

15 Or 5?

I will let you fine folks decide what is more impressive, the Drafting Room 15th anniversary or their 5 year fling with Troegs making them some pretty tasty beer. Last Wednesday night I would call it a tie. The new batch of beer made with the Apollo hop, was flowing at 6 pm sharp and Mr. Firkin was pouring a few minutes later. The result is one damn tasty beverage. It has just a little bit of earthiness to it which reminded me a tad bit of Sierra's Southern Hemisphere. But this little hop (bomb)will stand on it's own with no problemo.

We were quite fortunate to end up having dinner with the Honorary Mayor of West Chester and his wife and of course, we ran into the Victory dance team, headed up by Wandering Joe and Mr. Ruch. By then everybody was starting to show up, including Mrs. Sierra Nevada or you can call her Doc, Mr.Larry and his wife Whitney and the main man behind it all J.T. Or Mr. Troegs to you.

Now I had the chance for a little conversation after dinner with the head honcho over something I saw back at their 10 anniversary party at the brewery. That is of course, the brett project. Now, unless he is really pulling my leg, the first release of this will be their former scratch number 3, which was a Belgian style triple. It will be out sometime next month in that good old cork and cage. It will only be sold at the brewery and if I can remember this right, only 200 cases will be made. Other releases will follow including the Troegenator all bretted up for your drinking pleasure. Of course if he was pulling my leg, what the hell do I care? Send him the angry e-mails.

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