Friday, April 1, 2011

Barrel Of The Lost Souls

 A couple of weeks ago,  a bunch of us went down to Rehoboth Beach for the weekend. We did what we usually do, eat and drink, followed by more drink, than eat. So, on Saturday night as the others needed 4 more drinks to finish their night, I behaved myself and started walking back to the hotel room. So, who do I run into? The one and only Sam. Now, Sam being Sam, he has already had a few adult beverages and he asked me if I wanted a nightcap with him. Twist my arm a little harder why don't you? The last time I sat down with him was a couple of years ago when Vinnie from Russian River was there  buying the old DFH brewery. So after some chit chat and a beer, he leans over and says "You got to keep this a secret until April"  Keep what a secret I ask? He then pulls out a photo of what looks like a bunch of people in hazmat looking suits floating in the Palo Santo barrels. Are they cleaning the barrels or something I ask? Sam starts whispering, "It's a test batch of a new beer I'm making called Barrel Of The Lost Souls. I was reading about this ancient tribe's very first big batch of beer they ever made in a large barrel. The brew master would crawl in it as the beer cooled down and would filter out the ingredients. The locals would say that whoever was the brewer that day, they could feel his presence when they drank his beer." I have now heard it all and even seen it to boot. So, sometime later this month, some 10 lucky people will be choosen to be the "Lost Souls" as they float in the beer for about 15 minutes or so in those crazy looking hazmat suits. Then sometime around Thanksgiving or Xmas the bottles will be released to the brewpub only and those lucky floating folks will have their names engraved on the bottles and they will each will receive a case.

How in the hell is this going to work? Wouldn't the health board or something step in? I didn't have the chance to ask him that important question as he was whisked away by his wife to go home. But if I was a betting man, I would be foolish to bet against him.

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