Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And They All Fall Down

  With all the blogs a flutter about todays news that the Fork and Barrel, Tap and Table, MAYBE even The Bookstore closing, and The Farmer's Cabinet holding on, for a lack of better words, I only had this thought. What took so long? Maybe that's being a smart ass, but let me explain. I've been to the Tap and Table, it was great. Food great, beer great. I also went to the one they had in Rehoboth Beach last year. Same thing, food great, beer great. So, when the one in Rehoboth closed down right before Labor Day with a post on Facebook saying "We're closing for the winter" I knew something was up. Nobody at the shore closes before Labor Day weekend. After some checking around it seemed that they were in constant trouble with local LCB for selling beer that wasn't registered in the state, among many other things. But then they turned right around and opened two more places in Philly. All our wonderful beer media apparently didn't do their homework to find out what the real reason was why the one at the beach closed, they just got excited about the two new ones opening up. My question was simple. Where is all the money coming from to do this? Was this bank money or investors's money? And no matter which one it was, did the lenders find out about what happened at the beach?

So, let me just say this once again. I am not happy that any of them closed. They had a great concept, but they sure did pick a bad time to try and sell it to the public. The beer community likes to splurge, but not every day. It can't afford to. Not in this economy. And to keep those kind of places open, you need a pack house almost every night. Let's hope that I am way wrong, after all, I have no problem apologizing.

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