Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And They Still Fall Down

It hasn't been this crazy around here since, oh yeah, last years LCB debacle. So let's keep the ball rolling, shall we? First up from our friends at Foobooz this nice little nugget:

An Update to the Update: Yesterday afternoon, Mark Sherman — the East Falls developer who owns the Fork & Barrel bricks — got in touch with Foobooz, contending that the F&B owners left suddenly and without warning or, as Sherman put it, “tearing out in the middle of the night.” He says he intends to take legal action. Swartz has not responded to an interview request. Guess we’ll let you guys sort it out in court.

Not to mention all the nice replies to the editor.
Then we have some more details from our friends in the Lehigh Valley at The El Vee who have done quite a nice job with this, kudos to you.

And to think this all started back on September 5 (Before Labor Day mind you) with a little notice on Facebook that they were closing The Atlantic Jazz Yard for the summer and 12 hours later they cleaned everything out and left town. What happens once will almost always happen again.

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