Friday, March 6, 2009

Draughting The Line

I feel fine,
I'm talking about peace of mind,
I'm going to take my time and read the new Draught Lines, put out from Origlio beverages in time for PBW. Some of our fav-o-rite people are in this issue which you can find at your local watering holes and soon on their website I reckon. The Three Musketeers of beer writing (or Stooges) Lew Bryson, Jack Curtin and Mr. Sixpack himself, Don Russell, are mentioned in a little feature called Eat, Drink and Write. But it is there, where they are joined by the new kids on the block, Brian Kolesar, Suzanne Woods and our own TNSC protege, Kevin Rowe.

Ah yes, Tie Wun On (his given Chinese name) came to us elders for guidance a couple of years ago and we guided him straight to gates of hell with the rest of us. He has taken the pebble from my hand and moved on to the big time.

Meanwhile Ms. Wood is trying to take over the local beer world, one Sly Fox can at a time. In one of her latest blogs she decides to give up meat for lent, instead she will only eat cheese steaks in it's absence. We all know by now the the farmers don't start harvesting cheese steaks until June, so they have to be from Chile right?

Last but least is Brian. He claims he is a project manager for a software company. But considering he hits every beer event in the United States and has time to run 20 miles a week, I'm guessing he is providing software for You Porn. (Sorry kids no link, I don't want you to get in trouble at work.) It is just a guess and I could very well be wrong. He could be providing a service to all the poor folks in America except I didn't hear anything from him, so I now know that ain't it either.

So where was my story? I must have got cut at the first second, cause I know there is no way I would have made it to the last.

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Suz said...

Now that the cheesesteak smackdown has come and passed, and I-indeed- smacked down, there is no meat.

I ate mussels 3 times this week.
scallops, fish tacos, I even had a salad. I know I know. That is quite a shock. I should have told you to sit down.

food poisoning?