Friday, March 13, 2009

Curses, Foiled Again

Philly Beer Week started with such promise. I think I talked Mr. William Reed into making Johnny Brenda Lager out of one of his old Sam Adams brewpub recipes for PBW 2010. I may have convince Mr. Bruce Nichols to put out a nice array of Belgian cheese for the Zthos Fest on Sunday. Though we both agreed to nix the all you could eat mussels buffet.

Saturday brought a nice trip to see the fine folks at TJ'S for a preview of coming attractions. (I'll take those olives next time Scotty) Sunday brought nothing as I prepare for the coming week of fun and frivolity. Monday was to bring a fourpack of beer love with the session beer with Lew at the Tiedhouse, Southampton at Capones, Rodenbach at TND and last but not least, Ommengang at TJ'S. But unfortunately I was to be cursed. The money coming in to Kepler Mountain Resorts has been as slow as hops to a Miller Lite bottle. My sick and twisted dreams were crashing down.

Tuesday brought with it great hope as I was chosen by the esteemed Mr. Curtin to go to TND for lunch with Sam. But with my usual luck, I came down with a small touch of food poisoning. The bathrooms at TND are quite nice but I don't want to spend an afternoon sitting in them.

Wednesday would certainly be better until I woke up that is and had a giant knot in my back that the chiropractic had to do jumping jacks on to slowly work it's way out. By Thursday I had to get to the Klash Of The Kaisers down at Triumph. It too was doomed.

Friday will probably bring nuthin either, so I can be ready for Saturday and a possible 3 pack of beer love. The Phoenixvile pub crawl, Allagash at Capones and Stone at Union Jacks. Sunday should bring working the Zthos fest, though after this week, who the hell knows what will really happen?

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