Monday, January 5, 2009

Who Wants Some 08 Stew?

Ah leftovers. You love em, you hate em, especially when you find them in the back of your fridge 3 months later in scientific experiment. And it looks better to you now, then it did when you first ate it. None the less, it is that time when I must clean out the fridge. I say that every year but this time I really kind of mean it. So away we go!

This extremely rare photo of Mr Ruch outside of Victory was going for $13,000 on TMZ. It is yours free. This was UJ's Lost Abbey event. Lost being the operative word.

This photo was taken at Patrick Mullin's house right after he got the job for Sierra Nevada. Notice the cascading cascades coming out of the statue.

Americas favorite beer reps, Sly Fox's Suzanne and New Hollands Dr.Joel at TJ's 5th anniversary

Last and most certainly least, TROUBLE. Same spot as the last picture. Still very much in rehab, I look the same drunk or sober or for that matter ill. Also a rare picture of Jack standing which doesn't happen to much when he hangs out with this crowd. So, please enjoy 2009 responsibly if possible!

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