Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And Lead Me Into Temptation

My job, if I decide to accept it, is to get this very tired and caffeine deprived group of people from the airport to the train station in Brussels and then on to Bruges. We grabbed our luggage and hit the almighty ATM machine for some much needed Euros.Then off to the ticket counters to get rail passes and some much needed train info. Except there is no train info, no schedules or maps. It's online, if you know how to look it up,but it sure isn't convenient to print it out. Our fine agent tells us where to go and we are off. There is nothing like dragging your luggage up stairs to try and catch a train. As we watched everybody pile into one train car, we said screw this and got into the first one. It sure looks like a good decision for several minutes until a conductor comes by and tells us we are in first class. He cuts us a much needed break and lets us stay until our next stop. With more fun luggage handling, we finally board our train to Bruges. Good god, I never knew how lovely the inside of my eyelids were. One hour later we are in Bruges and there are two large taxis to take us to De Drie Koningen. Our lovely hosts Ann and Nico, greets us with open arms (Which they may regret latter on) We get a tour of the rooms and everybody has quickly fallen in love with this place. The first and last shower this country will see for the next 13 days falls as we get our self situated. Boys and girls, It is drinking time!

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Kevin said...

That is cool that you visited an Ikea in Belgium.