Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Bengel Has Landed

So how do you fit a 6'6 person in a 5'6 chair? You don't! Armed with two polyester pillows that even my cat would find small, I attempted the impossible. I was going to try to sleep before take off. As we took off into the night sky, it felt like taking the red line (subway) out of Boston to go to Harvard. Once up in the air, any chance of sleep was going to be a very short one, as I found out that flying is just like taking the bus with a group of rowdy teenagers. Except for once, that wasn't us. It was a two prong attack as our lovely flight attendant's were up and down the aisle every minute. Half of the time running their carts into my knees.The other half asking if I wanted something. Another part of the problem was when somebody got the great idea of blasting the TV sound throughout the cabin at 80 plus decibels. You're not sleeping yet. Why the bags under your eyes only look like half full malt bags. Then there is the guy in front of me. Every 15 minutes he gets up to go to the bathroom. There is one small problem, he forgets to take out the dead animal in the bathroom that has CRAWLED UP HIS COLON AND DIED! Six plus hours of this and I am ready to bust open a window. The actual flight itself was fine. The turbulence we ran into was better then it is on the R5. Total sleep time on the flight, an hour, tops. It is going to be a long day, but a very happy one. We are in Belgium.

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