Friday, December 18, 2015

Get Stuck With The Stickmen

     For those folks who grew up with WXPN in the 80's, you definitely remember that phrase. But we aren't talking about the band today, no kids, we are talking about a new brewery. Stickman Brewery is located in the old Sly Fox building in Royersford. The front of the building became the Lucky Lab, which turns out wasn't that lucky after all. This Saturday afternoon at 1 however, Stickmen will open it's doors to a thirsty public. But if you try going in the old Lucky Lab doors, you're still out of luck. Here is a brief synopsis from this morning Facebook chat about a few things you need to be aware of.
Hey there! Entrance in the back where the ramp and brown awning are. Eventually beer will be to go, but due to us experimenting (and still working out the kinks) with some champagne style carbonation in some of the bottles, and a general lack of inventory produced we can't do take out just yet. Cash and cards are both good for us! Thanks for the interest, we'll see you this weekend!"

       For those who haven't been over that way,  it will be on North 10th Avenue side .Next to the workout center. Beer distributor next door, with Primos and Veekoo nearby, this place is going to be a hit.

 PS Damn that Santa, looks like he came through this time....

 PSS Looks like anonymous owes me a beer or two

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