Monday, July 16, 2012

Beer Morals

     Once again I sit at my very cramped desk, with the same damn thought that I have had for quite some time now. Why are these idiots still in business? Why oh why do I have to carry the torch of common sense? And trust me folks, that is saying a lot right there. Where are the pitchforks and vigilantes? Where is the holiest of all beer folk rising up to stop this madness once and for all? Where is the outrage in the beer rags? How many times can one person get drunk to try and forget all about this?
   On second or third thought,  I do know the reason why. Lack of morals. No, I ain't talking bout my hands are too short to drink with God, I'm talking about the beer geeks extraordinaire. The "I'll run your mother over to get these rare beers" folks. The " Their problems have nothing to do with the beer" folks. Nobody really gives a rats ass as long as there is some great rare beer for them. And that just might be where the problem is. Of course somebody is going to say, "Dan, are you going to investigate every place you go into?" Probably not, but when something like this hits you over the head and over the head and yeah, over the fucking head, maybe, just maybe, its time to look up. Or in this case look down, way down, bottom of the barrel that is sitting over a open sewer hole down.
   I'm sure some people think that is being too rough, that people make mistakes. Yes they do, but smart ones find a way to correct them, quickly. You are in a business, not a beer geek frat party. Being cool is all well and fine, paying your employees and vendors on time, priceless. This show has been going on now for way too damn long. Just search my own site or Foobooz for more fun stories about these clowns
     So on that note,  today I would like to announce two very important things.
 First up: To anybody who has been screwed over by them, drop me a line. I want to start a forum to tell your side of the story. Please try to keep the discussion at least Judge Judy level.
 Second: I wish to start a "Get the hell out of town gas fund" I would start things off with a $25 Wawa gift card. Once we have enough gas money, we can all decide for them, where they can go to, say like Mexico. I hear the drug cartel likes great beer.

                                   Remember, it's nothing personal, it's just business.

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