Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Other One And 50

The one and only
 Here he is, in all his unknowing glory. I helped con Mr. Rubeo last week in Belgium, by making him go into 2BE to buy beer with me for a so called happy hour. But I had a more devious plan. Make him drink a beer with me while a surprise party was being planned for him back at the apartments. Some people have all the tough jobs. Was I worried that he would say no to a beer with me? About as much as I was worried about not getting enough cheese in Belgium.

Yesterday was his official birthday and we welcome him to the AARP club, which by the way, is starting to fill up mighty fast.


Anonymous said...

mpariaWelcome to the Club--my "Dear Friend" Steve Rubeo!!! :)


Kindly Old Mr. Curtin said...

You are all mere striplings.