Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's My Birthday Dammit!

     Yes boys and girls of all legal drinking ages, today is the day we all take a moment to reflect on my holy day of birth. It is a time to think about what I have brought (or wrought) into this great big old craft/micro/nano/// beer kind of world. Okay, times up. If you took longer to reflect than read the opening paragraph, I would suggest glasses or more coffee, cause there ain't that much to reflect on. Well, I am leading a team of 32 thirsty travelers back to Belgium, where I am quite sure I will be knighted or something like that. Do they still use a guillotine to do that? But now it is my time to reflect back when I made the ever so subtle move into AARP world. Enjoy
A very rare time when there was more food than beer, though we kept it close

Just a few bottles for my birthday in 08

What the hell, it was my birthday dammit

The Table of Doom in all it's glory


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day from your Pookie!!! Love Ya!!!

Great Times 4 years ago and here we go again!!! :)

Dan Bengel said...

Thank ya

Anonymous said...

Happy Birth Day Young Man.

This is where I officially take over the May birthday month.

It is all about me the rest of the month.

The Other One

Dan Bengel said...

Uh oh, that could/will be trouble