Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ship Of Fools

    Well folks, it looks like it could be another busy weekend for Mr. Last Bottle. I shall start off Thursday night at the old CAH for another round with one of my fav-o-rite beers this year, unfiltered Bruges Zot. And of course, some more TNSC shenanigans. When we last tried  this tasty elixer, it was the debut at TND and Mr. Brewer man was quite happy with his baby. Speaking of babies, the one and only I Am Beer Wise and his lovely wife (doing all the hard work of course), gave birth to the beautiful Ava Grace Parker on Sunday. We here at TLBL wish them all the best, and I am sure we will see him out again in a couple of years.
   Friday night shall take me down south to TDR for a Yards night and a firkin of some Good Hope, which is what we all need about now, after the wonderful roller coaster ride this week in the stock market. At least one of the mysterious Mashington brothers will be there to buy us all beers.
    Saturday brings a day of possibilities. Farmer's market, house stuff, and of course some more beer fest errands. Sunday is suppose to be Phillies baseball and a trip to SPTR or the Sidecar. The weatherman might say otherwise. Tough choices one must make.
    I leave you now with a song dedicated to our hard working elected government officials who have earned a 3 week vacation for all their sacrifices. Enjoy.


tom foley said...

Wrong "Ship of Fools", fool.

Anonymous said...

True that, Dan
Joe M

Dan Bengel said...

Oh, I got the right one Mr. Foley. None of that long hair, pot smoking, acid eating, trip taking, hippie, deadhead stuff around these parts. And now off to church...