Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Happy Day

   Any day you wake up is always a good one. With this never ending heat wave, any day you wake up and it's not 90 degrees out is even better. Throw in a little afternoon shower, turn off the AC for a night or maybe two and just listen to the fan bring in some good old fresh air. Then sit down and check the e-mails and listen to the voice mails of the day. It was a good day. A very good day that got better. Now everyone knows that tickets went on sale at various places for the fest. In these woof woof days of summer, who's really thinking about anything in November, well besides me that is. We have to get thru August and Labor Day and another end of the world scare, which is also the same thing as Parkerford's Halloween Party if you know what I mean.
So let me help you think about November with this piece of news, coming on board to Beersgivng, we welcome: Avery, Anderson Valley, Bells, Flying Dog, Hebrew, Left Hand, Smuttynose, Southern Tier and Yards.

Weeeeeee Doggies!

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