Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wikio Leaks

      I am quite sure by now, that most of you have read or seen this Wikio blog rating thingamajig. (Mr. Curtin has just written about this very subject again.) It works something like the college football championship, you get your hits from another blog that is more popular, you move up in the standings. But if they all hit the same link time and time again, well, you go down. It is the ultimate in confusion. Now for two years I was floating along in the general tab category at roughly 23,000 or so. I would go up a few notches every month until the last several months, when all of sudden I jumped up to 8855 and then to 5516. For me, hell, I was happy. Out of nearly 300,000 blogs that they follow, to be that high with my non-existent writing skills was a minor miracle. But then I found out I wasn't in the beer catergory, just the general.  So I sent off a nice little e-mail to Wikio and they responded in a few days and said I would be in that wonderful beer catergory with all my friends for May.

So, on this last Friday morning I go and look at  Wikio and noticed that I have moved up to 4603 in the overall standings. But when I looked down and saw where the had me for the first bloody time for beer, I almost fell off my chair from disbelief and laughter. There I was, ranked 44. It has to be a birthday gift. I already see next months ranking of, sorry, Mr. TLBL, we meant to say 444 out of 443. Somebody, somewhere has been berry, berry good to me.

 I would now like to thank the academy and the voters for this great honor. I would also like to thank the ever so loyal fans of TLBL. And now I ask of you, millions upon millions of people who read this chicken scratching every day, what should I do with my new found powers? I figure I got till Philly Beer Week before the tires fall off this sucker and the transmission goes.

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