Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Unroyal Wedding

   On Friday the 13th, when some people were walking under ladders and others were drinking some adult beverages from firkin's at the most wonderful Grey Lodge, two giant forces of evil merged once again to wreck havoc on mankind and of course, their own livers. Who could I be talking about? Yes folks, all the mothers hid their children, because the Monday Night Tasting Crew from Sly Fox teamed up with The Thursday Night Social Club for one of the seasons most anticipated events when Sarah and David finally got hitched in a very moving and touching ceremony by the lakes of Gitche Gumee..

Ok. maybe not that lake, but the Lake House Inn outside of Perkasie was one of hell a place to have this shindig. The always astute Mr. Evans ran a great show, with a very smart lineup of beers and food choices to keep us all quite happy. I know that a large segment of our local bar business lost a few bucks that night.

The look from the patio

The Inn itself with some fine folks

Most good beer bars would kill for this lineup

The bride and the brewer
Conducting the ceremony was none other than Tom Steigelmann from Union Jack's on the mighty Manatawny. Which seems only fitting since they live there part time. To say it was a very laid back affair would certainly be a understatement. 15 minutes after the I Do's, we were all back upstairs snacking on some fine cheeses, drinking some brews (Our bottle selection included Sam Adams Noble Pils, Yards Brawler, Bells Oberon, Racer 5 among others)
The caterers done a fine job of bringing us all kinds of lovely apps, which meant all we had to do was go and grab a beer.
Then we were off to the main reception where the evil home brewers brought out some mighty, mighty fine stuff. Thank god it wasn't all big beers or this post would never been written at all. Instead it was some of the best session stuff and mid range beer choices and of course Deep Pond's after dessert beer. The weather folks helped out also as we spent a goodly portion of the night out on the patio enjoying the festivales.
For the bride and groom, well, they are on their way to New Zealand as we speak, with a much needed layover at San Fran. I am quite sure drinking is involved. I should know, that was our wedding gift.

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