Friday, January 11, 2013

Bow Wow Wow, Yippee Yo Yippee Yay

                                                                         "Sick as a dog"

     I take great pride in not getting as sick as much as everybody else does out there in beer land. When I even think I'm getting a scratchy throat,  I got my Zinc lozenges on standby along with my Vitamin C. But this year,  something was different. It felt like I had something for a long time, but it was just chilling out, waiting for the right moment to strike. It found it. After another long and grueling holiday season, which taxed my very soul, I awoke on January 2 feeling quite good. It was a fucking trap. That night I went to bed and awoke in the middle of the night with the chills and fever. Morning came and my head felt like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. But overall, still kicking it, so I thought,  I'll be a good boy and stay home from TNSC so I can finish beating this. And after a normal night, I thought I had the upper hand. That is till Friday night where I sweated more than most people do in a sauna. On the surface of the sun. In a month. It's kinda hard to get a good nights sleep when you feel like you're in a waterbed that has sprung several leaks. And the crazy thing is, I was lucky, a lot more lucky than some of the horror stories I heard and read about. (Thanks Probiotics!!) The worse of all was even more crazy. An occasional cough that was coming from the lowest depths possible in the human body. The result? It blew out lower back out and left me crawling around on the floor. Hence my post on Facebook about beating myself up.

     The chills and fever are long gone and Mr. Chiropractor is helping me get on the right track. Just a matter of getting my strength back more than anything. You want keep some resolutions that you always don't keep? Just get the flu, no beer since the 31st .

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