Friday, March 2, 2012

The Eyes Of March

    Blah, blah, blah and blah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and yeah. I know, I am a slacker. I hit one of those "I got a great post to write and I don't know how to write it" things again. (The pros call it writers block)  It happens to the worst of us. But I must face my fears or at the very least just drink them under the table. So, where to begin?
    It's birthday month around these parts with my younger uglier brother hitting his magic 50th milestone and my faux daughter adding another year to her total. It's also birthday time for a couple more of the fine folks we all know and love this month, which leads me to believe that there was more than fireworks going off on the Fourth of July. A wish a very Happy Birthday to every one, and ah, what the hell, even my brother.
     In other news, I guess I will break open this nice little tidbit of info for you fine folks to chew on. What does the Craft Ale House, Railroad Street, Lucky Lab and the French Quarter Bistro have in common on, let's say the last week of April? Stayed tune my friends, it is going to be right smart time out here in the hell and gone of the burbs.
      My own thoughts on the above is that they are trying to milk all our Belgian money out of us before we go. Two weeks of no TNSC  is a big hit for all of them. That is 34 people not showing their glowing faces for two weeks to all the local barkeeps. It may require the filing of some Chapter 7's.

      And now to rub it in, let us travel back in time when I was forced to go and drink beer at St. Sixtus, Westy to all my beer geeks friends.

Or when Mr. and Mrs Parkerford found this at De Dolle, what is sure to be the work of a Richard Ruch groupie.

Or maybe just enjoying the warm temps of Brugge
Yes kids, more pictures coming and more fun details about our trip coming up. Till then......Tot ziens.

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Anonymous said...

AAAhh, the memories!! Can't wait to get back!!!