Thursday, March 24, 2011

AARP Would Like To Welcome....

The owner of the Parkerford Brewing Company, and one of the founding members of The Thursday Night Social Club to the, "Holy Fuck, how did I get this old club". Trust me you young whippersnapper, it's not easy, but it sure does beat the hell out of that eternal dirt nap. Here is a picture of Mr. Nifty Fifty last year at Fresh Craft during Denver Beer Week. Notice that he is surrounded by almost all the things he loves, his friends and beer. Unfortunately, Jerry Garcia couldn't make it that day because of a prior commitmnet. So tonight or for that matter today, please take a moment to raise your glass and wish Mr. Foley a very happy birthday. I know TNSC will.

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Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Mr. Foley!!! We love YA!!! Believe me a ton of us are right on your coat-tails with membership to the AARP club!!! Have a great day.

Love Pooky