Friday, January 21, 2011

Belgian Beer Paradise

   Several months ago, when a yellowy orb in the sky use to shine down upon us, we stopped in at TJ's after an afternoon of drinking evilness at TND. It was somewhat subdued there, but it was after all a holiday weekend. So, as we gently stumbled our way to the bar, what to our wandering eyes should appear, but a keg of Bier De Meil. Now that surely got the ladies attention and hell, it got ours too. Crazy chatter ensued about De Meil and the other great beers the Dupont company makes. When all of a sudden, Jeff got a look in his eye like he was sixteen and just got a new car and a box full of Trojans. He quickly ran to the back with his college educated phone and began making calls. He came back several minutes later and asked us what dates would work for TNSC for this Belgian beer fest. After some minor haggling, the date was set. And now it is here. Some of the best Belgian beers one can have. I guess the question is, what else do you want? Belgian cheese plate or a Croque Monsieur?

Good beer, good food, good place and good people. Can I get a amen brother?

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