Wednesday, September 29, 2010


OMG, ILMAO, WTF, IDTM, SFS, FSF. Guess em all and when a prize. On Monday the 13th, three crazed people meet at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am and drove like bats out of hell to catch a 7:50 U.S. Air flight to a warm and sunny Denver. It was hard to believe that we actually left early and arrived early. Speaking of early, another group had left a few days earlier to do some "hiking". If by hiking you mean elbow pads, pint glasses, tulip sniffers, bottle openers and seat cushions. A couple of days later, another batch of fresh TNSC troops arrived. And on Thursday, Pookie De Miel came out to torture, I mean play with us, damn keyboard.

This is not their story, hell, it is barely mine. No kids, this will be the story of TNSC meets GABF. In technicolor and 4D where available.

This photo does not lie. It was a dry heat......

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Anonymous said...

And on Thursday is when the TRUE party and fun began. They were bored to tears without me.

Pookie De Miel