Monday, May 17, 2010

Beer And Cheese

Is there a better combo in the history of mankind? I think not! So on Wednesday night at Ye Olde Craft Ale And Lager House, located in Limer-ford, there shall be a right smart bit of cheesy shenanigans going on with New Hollands beer guru, Dr. Joel and Calkins Creamery. I hear that their cheese is so good even the lactose intolerant crave it. And for the good Doctor, he is bringing several rare cases of beer to pair with said cheese. I think Homer said it best, mmmmmmmmm, beer and cheese. Or maybe that was just me.

Updated! Here is the lineup for tonight!

Poet Oatmeal Stout with Noble Road (soft, ultra-creamy, bloomy rind, mushroomy flavor)

2. Imperial Mad Hatter with Lida Gold (Montasio: hard italian with late fruit notes, washed with olive & tomato)

3. Mad Hatter with Misty Morning (naturally aged Welsh Cheddar)

4. El Ole Mocho with Udderly Hot (Havarti with Pocono-grown chili peppers)

5. Golden Cap Saison with Skinners Falls (unpressed basket Tomme - dry and earthy)

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