Monday, March 15, 2010

PLCB On My Back

What more can anybody say about the cluster fuck that was going on in the local beer world? I think this sums it up pretty nice.

But just like in politics and horse racing and maybe even the final four, I think it is time to judge the ponies or in this case, all the stories of whodunit.

Don, Jack, Lew and Bryan scheme it up, to have something to write about during what would have been Beer Week. 1.2 million to 1

A local distributor. 1000 to 1
Not buying this one at all.

Avoidance Fee aka bribe. 750 to 1
Sounds good at first but just doesn't pan out in the long run.

Lee Harvey Oswald. 500 to 1

Local Bar Owners. 125 to 1
I didn't get my Pliny ain't washing.

Some Obnoxious Customer. 100 to 1
This had the early lead in the beginning, but is sinking fast with the latest going ons.
You don't get this kind of action getting thrown out of a bar.

Disgruntled Ex Employee or mole. 75 to 1
Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Union Contractors. 50 to 1
From the movie Eraser, "Nobody fucks with the Unions"

PLCB. 10 to 1
Once you piss off the mighty PLCB, no matter what the infraction, you my friend have started a shit storm of epic proportions.

This really happy go lucky person. 5 to 2
This was from December and whoever it is has been talking smack since this moniker first appeared early last year. Knows way too much to be a nobody. Please read all of their fine posts and let the guessing begin.

I must have heard half a dozen names and just as many scenarios why they would do it. But I ain't starting no holy war among bar owners and such pontificating their names here.

When I ran a Google and Bing search of Mr. Brenden Hartranft, there was a lot of love for our friend, but there was also a lot of real haters, going all the way back to his Khyber Pass days. Could it be the same people? Why was I searching his name to begin with? I swore with all my heart that he wrote an opinion piece for either the City Paper or Philly Weekly a couple years back where he ripped the PLCB a new one. Either I am dead wrong or it is hidden deep in the confines at one of those papers.

So what will really come from all this at the hearing on April 13? Not a hell of a whole lot I think. Maybe a little lipstick here and there to appease the public. Maybe some midterm election posturing. But I would find it awful hard to believe if things really changed all that much.

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