Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tricks And Treats

I've seen a hell of a lot of strange and crazy things in my day. Some of which I care never to mention again to any living soul. This was almost the case here, but not quite. Because on October 31, in the confines of Parkerford Brewing 16th annual Halloween party, I saw not one, but two things that nearly destroyed everything I thought I knew about this fine enterprise, and almost destroyed me.

There it was on the first floor, shining brightly into the living room while the rain drops filled the night sky outside, was a TV set. I was so shocked by this, I ran down the steps into the "Cellar Of Cirrhosis" to get a beer and try to digest what I just saw, when I found a wall sized TV and, my hands are still shaking just thinking about it, A DOUBLE IPA ON TAP!

What kind of cruel Halloween prank is this I wondered? Have hop head aliens come down from planet Luplin and started taking over PBC? Where have all the funk and sour beers gone? I looked frantically around and quickly grabbed a Saison Brett and a Saint Somewhere and a RR Temptation to calm my nerves. As I shared my new found goodies with friends, somebody snuck a beer into my hands. I drank it down. It was the double IPA and it was good, real f-ing good of a matter of fact. But something weird happened, strange and mysterious things were going on since I drank that beer.

The cooler of death began to talk to me.

Then I saw a fraulein from the old closed Ludwigs bar and a doctor and a road crew worker.

I looked into a mirror to see if I was going crazy and saw that I was beginning to turn orange. I ran outside and sat down. I wasn't felling too well. Oh, the horrors of it all.


tom foley said...

Yay! some more pictures!

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