Thursday, October 8, 2009

TNSC Report

Dateline September 23. The place, CAH. The event, Turn To Stone starring Lee "Flanagan's Boathouse, Spinnerstown Hotel, Legacy Brewery and now Mid Atlantic Sales Rep of Stone" Marren. Mr. Marren arrived at 6:01 pm, a new record for him. The beer that won my fancy that night was Sublimely Self Righteous, which at one time was their 11 Anniversary beer. It was right smart. Drunken frivolity ensued but hardly in a responsible way. A three liter bottle of Double Bastard 08 was opened later on in the night and was given out in sample glasses to the crowd. The crowd was happy. So were we.

Dateline September 24. The place, TDR. The event, Weyerbacher Anniversary tasting. Taps of 12, 13, 14 and bottles of Riserva were pouring. Chris from brewery was given a hard time from yours truly for not buying our table a bottle of Riserva. He laughed and gave me a nice glass instead to take home. I said there's no Riserva in it. Drunken frivolity ensued but in a responsible way.

Dateline September 26. The place, Northside. The event, Oktoberfest. It was raining so the event ended up being inside. It was crowded and hot. We all got a table to eat. Breckenridge Autumn fest was the sleeper of the night. Drunken frivolity ensued but in a responsible way.

Dateline October 1. the place, TND. The event, Troegs night. 13 taps of Troegs beer and Chris and his honor, Nicky the J. Highlights, Dead Reckoning and Java Head on the handpump. Nugget Nectar in a firkin. And last but not least, Scratch 23, a fest beer which was quite interesting. Maybe a new fall seasonal from the boys in Harrisburg? Only frivolity ensued but in a responsible way as I was driving. CAH was my last stop before home for a pint of HopGarden from Dock Street out of a firkin. Drunken frivolity ensued in a somewhat responsible way.

Dateline October 3. The place, The Farmhouse. The event, how to blow a 100 gift certificate on food and beer. A little Pumking for dessert and Sierra Nevada Imperial Smoked Porter from the handpump with dinner. But the beer that stole my heart was De Proef La Grande Blanche. Maybe one of the best beers I have had all year. To make sure I had another. Yep, I was right. Very little drunken frivolity ensued cause I woke up at 4:30 am and was fading fast.

This has been a TNSC report. Mr. Dan signing off.

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