Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yes Limerick, There Really Is A Santa Claus

Well now boys and girls, I guess Santa got your wish list and now he is going to cross one out. Monday morning at 11 am, the doors will swing open to a (hopefully) adoring public. Like almost every new business, it had it's share of delays. But overall, one month behind isn't too shabby nowadays. So, what will you expect when you finally get inside and park your butt down on a bar stool? The food is going to be mostly from scratch and a hell of a lot of it organic. You burger fans will be treated to fresh ground meat right from the kitchen. But how about the beer? (As visions of sugarplums danced in their heads) Think of something along the lines of the Standard Tap with some extra goodies on the side. Lord Chesterfield to Fantome Noel. Does that give you an idea? So still try to be patient, they are a few more bugs to finish working out. Not all the fancy glassware is there yet, nor all the those big expensive take out bottles. This ain't no big corporate bar with tons of secret money behind it. It's your new local bar. Enjoy!

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