Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Gotta Stay Positive

Now that I got another bad memory from life stored away in the deep dark recesses of what is left of my mind, let us concentrate on the happier things in life. Or as Monty Python would say, "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life". This Saturday at Three'O Clock, Union Jacks on the mighty Manatawny (creek) presents the Port Brewing and Lost Abbey draught event. To say these beers are rare on tap around here would be an understatement, so this should be a right smart time. I just hope I don't trip over David and Sarah's sleeping bag like the last time.


David said...

Tom even lets us use a cot now.. :P

PS: Its Port Brewing. Pizza Port is the brewpub chain.

sholland said...

I'd ask you guys to save us some but (a) I know better and (b)we can't get there anytime soon anyway. We will think of you all when we are drinking a nice Oregon wet hop IPA.

Dan Bengel said...

I always mess that one up David. Scott, don't have too much fun out there, and we will think of you when the bill comes.

Kevin said...

Your line about David and Sarah is funny to me b/c Ijust said the same about you on BA without even reading this. I guess you have company.