Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Saturday In The Mart

The eyelid inspection was working just fine until I heard the cackling of these blokes coming up the street. It was around 1:30 AM or so when I heard a loud thud. I figured someone fell up the narrow and winding stairs. When morning broke and I stuck my head out the window to greet the day, I saw my fellow traveler Tom "Parkerford" who informed me of what happened. (WARNING! The following is true and in every way should be a warning for innocent children and adults!) "I got up the stairs alright and went to sit on the edge of the bed to take my shoes off. As I got my foot up to take off my shoe, I fell off the bed and got stuck in between the other bed. It was a horrific experience". (Please folks don't let drunks drive or take off their shoes without a designated something or another.)

Other wise it was a beautiful day to go exploring Brugge. The "local" circus was in town and the food portion of the mart was spread out all over town. Did I say FOOD? This was one hell of a display from local cheeses to olives to fresh fruit and vegetables to eggs and baby chick to ducks. Flower stands, one after another, ribs and chickens and potatoes fresh cooked, seafood stands and much more. With all the apartments equipped with a kitchen, we were in foodie heaven.

I was glad to see the town council got our message and put up a "No waving of the no fun hand" It really did work and I have already started a petition to have the signs installed here also.

It is just so hard to say what a beautiful day and town this is. We walked some more, took a crazy amount of pictures and went and had some "linner".

Night has fallen over the old city and some of us were getting ready for our first beer trip with Global by practicing in various places.

A certain girl was doing things her own way. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Coming up next--meet the Belgium folks on this trip and we are off to Westy ville!


David said...

Do we get extra points if we can name where each one of those pictures was taken?

The only one that throws me off is the last one.

Dan Bengel said...

I am pretty sure you would never go in to that one. As for extra points, not now, maybe later.