Monday, December 6, 2010

Rumor And Sigh

   So, have you heard any rumors about a beer fest being held in Limerick lately? Been waiting for details and who might show up? Well, you're going to have to keep waiting a little bit longer. We are in now, what is known as the ligation stage. You know, the real fun stuff, LCB, lawyers and insurance. It is a land use issue as where does a licence end and begin kind of thing. Hell, if it was just beer and food, it be done by now. Or to put it in street terms, it is called covering your ass. So please forgive me for my silence, it is a necessary evil. Or a blessing.

In other semi important news, a meeting was held for the staff of TLBL at the corporate offices of Kepler Mountain Resort and Casino . On the docket was why great travel stories of the last two plus years were never completed. It was brought up by a staff member, that looking back causes severe pain and memory loss. A few chuckles were heard in the background. It is highly possible that some staff members may be let go or just outright fired. One can only hope.