Friday, September 23, 2011

How Will I Miss You If Don't Ever Leave?

     The first day of fall has started just like the last 50 or so days. Rain, rain and more f-ing rain. I had to get my chainsaw out to cut down all the mushrooms that have been growing here. I know they're magic because they never stop growing.  I mean, when they are as big as a tree, we got problems. I also think I saw my first dolphin at Lake Kepler and by the end of this weekend I might be seeing the Kepler Mountain Monster here too.
     In other news, it has been another wild week on the roller coaster beer festival ride. It gets tough trying to get return e-mails, texts and phone calls from all the vendors at times. Those poor beer folk are getting over 50 plus messages a day from various people begging for their beer. Hell, I can't even send them a smoke signals, since it f-ing rains every day. How they keep their sanity doing all this, well, I have a good idea how.
     Now,  if I have to say I am waiting to dot the i's and cross the t's one more time to somebody asking about future vendor's,  I'm going to scream. Oh wait, I just said it. CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!              
Ticket sales are starting to hum along now and hits on the Beersgiving site are moving at a right smart pace. July 318 hits, August 517 and so far in September, 705. I now know one thing about putting this fest together, there ain't going to be enough beer for me when it's finally over.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer's Last Fling

     The dog days are over now, the final days of summer are upon us. When it wasn't 110 degrees out, we would get 110 inches of rain. It was not a very happy medium this year. But before we rejoice the coming of fall, we have just a few more beer events to get out of the way.
     Tonight at ye olde Crafty Ale and Lager House, look and talk like a pirate, cause you will be walking the plank with the fine beers from Heavy Seas. I can say first hand that their Oktoberfest beer this year was a right smart bit o malt. It brought a smile to my pirate face.
     Tuesday is TNT, Tuesday Night Trouble. First over at Teresa's Next Door, it's Allagash night with a possible appearance by the Alla-lass. Look for several taps, bottles and a fine tasting menu to boot. Out here in this neck of the woods, the Railroad Street Bar is getting ready to hijack some livers when they tap at 6 pm,  Hill Farmstead Abner, Ballast Point Sculpin, Bruery Autumn Maple and a Stillwater State Saison or Autumn. This event smells like the work of Paul "Hitman" Havelin of Bella Vista.  Also they will join the ranks of ticket sellers for Beersgiving.
     Wednesday may be a break before we kick summer's sorry ass at yet another meeting of TNSC. Don't even get me started on falls event schedule, there ain't enough space in the blog o sphere to even begin writing it down.

                                      So let's leave on a most wonderful note, shall we?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Not So Deep Thoughts

     A whole day without rain. I'm almost in shock. Kinda like my readers and fancy schmancy blog ratings. Yeah, it's tough trying to put things together for a festival, not to mention 2 Twitter accounts, 2 blogs, 2 Facebook accounts. A trip to the mother country of Belgium for 35 people and an occasional foray into work. Then the constant e-mails, text messages, the out of the blue phone calls, yada, yada, yada. You get the drift. All good intentions go straight to hades after I do all the fest stuff. But I still love you. And I will try every now and then to reward you with my expertise of the written word. Or what my English teacher would probably say " A exquisite piece of drivel"

     I am trying out this map/fest gadget thingamajig on the side here to see how it works. So far I noticed my local time is different, but that is because I live on Kepler Mountain, where there are polar ice caps, volcano's and some type of magnetic fields that makes people drink large amounts of beer. I noticed through all my deep undercover work that a lot of people still check this blog out for some fest info. So, here is some fest info.

                              Craft Beer Bus and Don "Joe Sixpack" Russell. Perfect together.
That's right, you heard me. Mr. Sixpack is teaming up with the CBB and Bridgewater's Pub to come to Beersgiving. Why hell, CBB is teaming up with the Blue Dog Pub out of Lansdale too. Why I hear that they will have a bus coming out of Reading. Damn! Now that's what I am talking about. Let's see if we can get Jack and Lew on one of those buses too. Now all I got to do is get those nice brewer folk and high falutin distributor's to finish dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Then I will be half way there.....